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Welcome to CatholicLDSChristianity.com

Catholicldschristianity.com is a place of learning and exploration into comparing and contrasting the basic Christian doctrines of Roman Catholicism and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormonism) as found in the book Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest written by Eric Shuster (Cedar Fort, 2009). This website provides short excerpts from the book to create a platform for further study and examination. In doing so there is hope that a greater dialogue can take place among Roman Catholics and Latter-day Saints to share their faith, explore beliefs and find common ground on which to build lasting relationships of positive community influence, trust, friendship and moral character.

Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest - The Book

Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest is a book that chronicles the faith journey of author Eric Shuster and his wife Marilyn as they converted from the oldest and most celebrated Christian religion in Roman Catholicism to one of the newest and most controversial Christian religions in Mormonism. The Shusters each provide personal accounts of their challenges and triumphs from Marilyn and her years as a Franciscan nun earning a degree in Catholic theology, to Eric and his years as a music minister and active lay person. The book respectfully compares 40 doctrines between the two religions and how the Shusters parlayed their deep and abiding roots in Roman Catholicism into a spiritual harvest for themselves and their family as Latter-day Saints. The result is a heartwarming story full of surprises and testimonials of what can happen when the Lord unexpectedly redirects the spiritual lives of those seeking His guidance.

News and Thoughts

May 6, 2013: Where are the Christians: The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion and its companion workbook began shipping to warehouses today worldwide. The preorders for the book have been strong with reviews beginning to trickle out. Publishers Weekly of the book wrote “reader is rewarded with a richer understanding of one's self and one's neighbors. This very fine work deserves a wide audience.” The book trailer has received nearly 37,000 views on YouTube. The overwhelming response of the book prompted the late addition of the companion workbook which helps readers put the exercises and principles found in the book into their own lives using a step by step process. Book signings are being scheduled and will be communicated via Facebook and Twitter in the coming weeks and months. 

About The Author

ERIC SHUSTER has dedicated his writing career to building bridges of understanding between Christians. His first book Catholic Roots, Mormon Harvest chronicles the faith journey of he and his wife including the respectful comparison of dozens of doctrines between Catholicism and Mormonism. Shuster’s second book, The Biblical Roots of Mormonism (co-authored with Charles Sale) provides a common scriptural platform for Christians to better understand Mormon doctrine using over 1,000 scriptural references from the Bible. Shuster’s latest work, Where are the Christians: The Unrealized Potential of a Divided Religion explores the “who, what, where and how” of Christianity with an eye towards increased unification and respect among all Christians regardless of denominational affiliation. With his professional research background, directorship at the Foundation for Christian Studies, and his unique life experiences, Shuster is able to delve into complex spiritual subject matter and make it understandable and enjoyable to the everyday reader.


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